Learn How to Create Stone Columns at the End of Your Driveway

Having stone pillars at the ends of your driveway can create a very elegant look. Many people do not realize that stone pillars are not made entirely of stone. The pillars are typically made of brick that has stone facing attached to it. If you want to have stone pillars created at the end of your driveway, use the guide below to learn what to expect during the creation process.

You Need to Decide How Large You Want the Pillars to Be

The first thing you need to do is you need to decide how large you want the pillars to be. You do not want them to be so tall that they look like an eyesore rather than a dignified addition to your landscaping. You also do not want them to be so wide that they look like you only built half of a wall, rather than the pillars you are wanting to create. When you meet with the masonry contractor, he or she should be able to give you suggestions for how wide and how tall the pillars should be.

Consider Where You Want the Pillars to Be Placed

Next, you need to decide exactly where you want the pillars to be placed. You want to be sure that they are far enough away from the road that they do not block your line of vision when you are trying to leave your driveway. If you are unsure, get in your car and pull to the end of your driveway. Have someone stand on either side of the car to determine how far back the pillars would need to be to allow you to still have a clear view of the road.

Determine What Type of Stone You Want to Use on the Pillars

Finally, you need to decide what type of stone you want the masonry contractor to use on the columns. You need to be sure that the stone will complement the color of your home and that the stones are not so large that they make the columns look short and stumpy. When you go to a stone dealer, they should be able to tell you what stones are found throughout the region where you live. Using locally sourced stone can give the columns a more finished look.

Once all of these decisions have been made, the contractor will be able to start creating the columns right away. It is important to realize that he or she will have to level the ground before they start creating the column, so the end of your driveway may look a little messy for the few days it takes for the contractor to create the columns for you.

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How Light Control Sensors Save Money And How To Get Them

If you are the type of person who is constantly looking for ways to save money and save energy, then you might want to install light control sensors in your home. These light sensors have been available for exterior lights and commercial purposes for some time, but now you can have them installed in your house. Here are all the ways in which these light control sensors save money and energy.

Lights Do Not Need to Be Remembered

Kids are especially guilty of turning on a lot of lights in the house and then leaving them on when they leave those rooms. This can get very frustrating for you when you want to conserve energy and have to constantly run around the house turning lights off and yelling at the kids to turn the lights off. Instead, the light control sensors can turn on when anyone enters a room and turn off within a few seconds of detecting a lack of motion. You never need to remember to turn the lights off, and you never have to yell at the kids again about leaving the lights on.

Additionally, since the lights turn off when no motion is detected, that is a lot of money and energy saved. If you want to see how dimmer switches and motion control lights can save money, you can visit a product site for an energy savings calculator. The calculator is a fully interactive, real-time measurement of your savings when you install these lights.

Combining Energy-Saving LED Bulbs with Light Control Sensors 

To maximize your savings, use the new LED home bulbs with your light control switches. This reduces both the amount of electricity you are consuming and the heat created by the bulbs. Other bulbs burn so hot that your home may actually consume more energy in an attempt to keep your house cool (or at an even temperature). When used with the light motion sensors, it is akin to having no lights in use at all

How to Get Them

A residential electrician like Excel Electric Inc who specializes in the latest technology and knows how to install these light control sensor panels can help. He or she will have to switch all of your electricity off for the installation and remove all of the switches in the house. Some wires may need to be switched out to accommodate the unique electrical needs of these switches. Once the wiring is checked and updated, then the switches can be connected and screwed to the wall. Most of the face plates pop on and off, so that is the last step the electrician takes before your new energy-saving lights are ready to use and the electrician turns the power back on.

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Did Your Water Heater Give Out On You? How To Choose The Right Replacement For You

No homeowner wants to jump in the shower or try to wash their hands and find that there is no hot water in their home, and finding out that their water heater has given out entirely and needs to be replaced is not usually expected or wanted news either. However, replacing your water heater can be an opportunity to make major upgrades to your home’s water system. Before you run out and buy a water heater quickly and out of necessity, get to know some of the different factors to consider when you are choosing your water heater. Then, you can find the best possible replacement water heater for you and your home.

How Much Hot Water You Need

You want to be sure that when you select your water heater that you choose a unit that matches your needs as far as hot water use goes. Traditional water heaters that use tanks to heat and store hot water for use are made at different water capacities. Which tank water heater is right for you will be determined by the number of people in your household.

Water heater manufacturers base the different capacities on the number of people in any given household and the average amount of water that a person uses on any given day. So be sure that you have a good idea of how much water you will need on a regular basis. If you have a large family or a family that tends to take long baths and showers every day, you may need to increase your water heater capacity.

Whether Environmental Friendliness Is A Concern For You

Another factor to consider when you are trying to select a replacement water heater for your home is whether or not sustainability and environmental friendliness will play a role in your decision making process. If you are looking to reduce your household’s carbon footprint, then you may want to select a tankless water heater or a hybrid water heater system for your home.

A tankless water heater system is an on-demand form of water heating. What this means is that, rather than having a tank that holds and heats water to store for later use, the water heater will heat water as needed throughout the day. This prevents your water heater system from using energy to needlessly heat the water in your water heater tank when the hot water is not being used. It can also cut down on your water use in general as the water is only pulled into the system when you are using hot water.

Hybrid water heater systems are a cross between tankless systems and traditional ones and are still more eco-friendly than a traditional water heater. It uses a heating element similar to that used in a tankless system but also uses a heat pump to bring in ambient air which is used to heat the water as well. This requires less energy than a traditional system, as it is using heat from the air as well as heat from a heating element.

With these factors in mind, you can get started in your decision-making process and choose a replacement water heater that best suits your needs and desires for your home. For more information and options, talk with a professional company, like First Class Plumbing of Florida Inc..

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4 Tips To Help Keep Your Plumbing In The Best Shape

Maintaining the plumbing in your home is extremely important. Not only does it prevent you from having to deal with major plumbing issues in the future, but it can also save you a great deal of money on home repairs over time, as well. In order to maintain your plumbing properly, you will want to consider these four tips for keeping it in shape:

  1. Use the Strainer: When washing the dishes by hand, consider putting the strainer in the sink drain. This way, it blocks out large amounts of food from going down the drains. You can later throw this in the trash instead of down the drains where it can cause clogs. Don’t forget to also dump extra food in the trash before rinsing your dishes in the sink for this same reason. 
  2. Insulate the Pipes in the Winter: During the winter, you want to be sure that you insulate your pipes if the area in which you live reaches below freezing temperatures. This is because if the pipes in your home freeze, they are prone to cracking or bursting, which causes leaks and potential water damage in your home. 
  3. Hire a Plumber for Drain Cleaning: At least once a year, you should hire a plumber for drain cleaning. Although you could do it on your own, it’s better to hire plumbers because they use cleaners that are not harshly chemical-based. This is much better for the drains in your home since the drain cleaners you can buy in stores have harsh chemicals that can break down the walls of the pipes, which leaves them prone to cracking and leaks. 
  4. Use Baking Soda and Vinegar: If you need to clean the drains in your home quickly because there is a smell coming from them that you just can’t wait to hire a plumber to take care of, then use natural cleanings, such as baking soda and vinegar. The baking soda will help remove grime stuck to the walls of the pipes and the vinegar will neutralize the smell. Dump the baking soda down the drains first and then the vinegar, which will mix with the baking soda, causing a chemical reaction that quickly cleans the drains. This is a much better option that using harshly chemical-based cleaners you can buy at your local supermarket. 

When you utilize these four tips, you can be sure that the plumbing in your home stays in the best possible shape all year round. 

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3 Luxury Improvements When It Comes Time To Replace The Windows In Your House

If you’re getting ready to replace the windows in your house, then you should take the time and consider some luxury improvements. You don’t replace your windows that often, so take the opportunity to make any big changes now. Below are some luxury window ideas that you might want to consider. One is designed to save money on heating and cooling, the other two are designed to help limit sunlight from streaming in on sunny says when you want to keep it dark without drapes, and the final one is designed to keep nosy neighbors from looking in.

Triple Pane, Gas Filled Windows For Energy Conservation

If you’re tired of spending lots of money during the summer on air conditioners, then consider upgrading to heavy duty, triple-paned windows. These windows are even more energy efficient than double pane windows. The extra pane further helps to keep the cool air inside. The windows are sealed and filled with argon gas. This adds even more insulation to the windows. Not only will they keep the cool air in during the summer, they will lock the heat in during the winter. This will save you on your heating bill.

Auto-Tinting Living Room Window Treatment

If you’re got a gorgeous view from your living room, you might not like the idea of drapes or curtains. However, you need something during the really sunny days. Otherwise, your room will be super bright and you will end up squinting while you’re on the sofa, Not to mention that the glare on your television screen might make it impossible to watch anything. Auto-tinging window film can be installed and solve the problem. They are applied in a thin film over the existing windows. These films can be controlled either by a WiFi device, or can be made with a chemical that reacts to heat. So, when it gets very hot, the tint darkens. While you can do this to older windows, it’s best to have it done with a new installation because the film can be fit directly on the window glass and won’t but up against the trim. That limits the risk of the film rising up and wrinkling.

Floor To Ceiling Windows In Your Bathroom With Smart Glass

If you want to open up the bathroom, then a large floor to ceiling window is a great way to do this. It creates an enormous amount of visual space. The only downside is that you might have neighbors in your sight-line. The easy solution here is to install smart glass. You might have seen this in hotels or conference rooms. These windows are made with glass that has a liquid crystal material inside the panes. When a switch is flicked, the glass immediately goes opaque. The great thing about this is that even when the glass is opaque, your room will still get lots of light; it just will also have the privacy you need.

For more information, visit http://www.centralglassutah.com.

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What Are The Signs Of A Sewer Backup?

A typical home in an urban area will connect to a sewer line that carries the waste water away. Sewers can become backed up for a variety of reasons. A backed up sewer can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage if it’s not handled properly. Knowing how to recognize the signs of a sewer backup and what to do if this happens can help you take care of your house.

What are the signs of a sewer backup?

If your sewer is backed up, you may notice many symptoms, such as:

  • Slow drains. A single slow drain in your home is a sign of a clogged pipe. However, if all the drains in your home become slow all at once, this is a sign that your home has a sewer backup.
  • Strange gurgling noises and bubbles in your drains. Drains in your home will start behaving strangely when your sewer is backed up.
  • Toilet won’t unclog. The toilet will start behaving strangely, much like it’s clogged, but plunging it will not help.
  • Water that goes down one drain appears in the bottom of another fixture. If flushing your toilet causes water to back up into the bathtub, this is a sign of bad things happening in the sewers connected to your home.

What causes a sewer backup?

Sewer backups can be caused by a variety of problems. Heavy rainfall and flooding conditions can fill up the sewers and create backup conditions. In addition, tree roots that grow into the sewer lines can cause clogs, also leading to back ups. Some sewer backups are problems that occur because of homeowner behaviors. Flushing items that expand in water can cause sewer backups. Diapers, tampons, kitty litter and adult wipes can all create clogs inside your sewer, leading to a backup.

What can you do to prevent sewer backups?

You can prevent sewer backups in the future by doing the following:

  • Never flush anything down the drain or toilet that isn’t human waste or waste water.
  • Have your sewers serviced on a regular basis, especially if there are many trees growing near your home’s sewer lines.
  • Watch for signs of a backup and contact a plumber at the first sign of trouble.

What should you do if your sewer becomes backed up?

If your sewer becomes backed up, the best way to fix the problem is to contact a reputable plumber. Contacting a plumber who provides sewer cleaning services will ensure that your sewer problems are properly addressed. This will help prevent sewer water from entering your home, potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage.

For more information about how you can protect your home from sewer backups, contact a reputable plumber in your area today, such as those at DBR Plumbing.

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What You Should Know About Sewer Line Problems

Does water not come out of the plumbing fixtures in your restaurant as powerful as it should? You might want to hire a plumber to inspect the condition of the main sewer line to your building. There are a few sewer line problems that can cause low water pressure from plumbing fixtures. Take a look at this article for answers to some of the questions that you might have in mind about your plumbing problem.

What Kind of Problems Might the Main Sewer Line Have?

A common problem experienced from sewer lines is the accumulation of dirt, debris and tree roots. It is possible that you will only need to get the sewer line cleaned out by a plumber. There are cleaning products like snakes sold in stores that you can use on your own, but the tools used by plumbers is more powerful. It is also possible that your sewer line is old and cracked, which can allow dirt to seep inside causing plumbing problems in your building.

What Can Be Done to Clean a Sewer Line Out?

Basically, a plumber can clean the main sewer line out with a commercial snake. The snake is basically a long cable that is has an attachment on it that is able to cut through tree roots. A power pump or technique called sewer jetting can also be used for cleaning out the sewer line.

Does a Sewer Line Inspection Require Ground Excavation?

If you hire a plumber that has access to an articulating borescope, he or she will not have to excavate the ground to examine the sewer line. The borescope can be fed through the sewer line via a long cable to capture photographs of the inside. There are also borescopes that will allow a plumber to view live video footage of the inside of a sewer line.

How Much Does Replacing a Damaged Sewer Line Cost?

The price that you are charged to get a damaged sewer line replaced will depend on the method of repair that is used. For instance, if the ground is excavated so the damaged pipe can be removed and replaced, you should expect to pay $50 or more per foot. If you only want minimal excavation to be done, the estimated price is $60 per foot or more. Get in touch with a plumber and explain the type of problems you are experiencing in your restaurant.

For more information, contact Towers-Murray Plumbing Co Inc or a similar company.

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