Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Three Reasons Local Governments Should Invest In Orange Safety Fencing

by Kristina Burton

Orange safety fencing is one type of construction fencing that can help to alert construction crews to areas of a job site that may be hazardous or off limits, but this versatile fencing also has several other useful applications. For local governments, this type of fencing can come in handy all year round. Here are just a few reasons a city or town should consider investing in orange safety fencing.

Crowd Control

Orange safety fencing can be used at parades, festivals and other public events to help control crowds. Place it along the sides of the street during a parade to keep people from disrupting the festivities, or use it on the sides of the stage at a local music festival to keep crowds from going backstage. The bright color serves to warn people not to go any further, and the flexible design of the fencing makes it easy to put up at any event in just a few minutes.

Snow Drift Control

Safety fencing can help to prevent snow drifts, which in turn helps to keep roads and sidewalks clear. Place the fencing along the side of busy roads or areas that you know are prone to snow drifts to control the snow. The fencing also stands out in a sea of snow, alerting drivers and pedestrians to potential danger. You can also use the fencing along sidewalks, driveways and other areas that see frequent use to enhance visibility during snow storms and other types of inclement weather.

Public Hazard Control

Whether the utility company is digging to lay more wire or pipes in the community or your road crew is working to patch potholes, there are certain dangers that come with public improvement projects. Using orange safety fencing can alert residents of a potential hazard, such as a hole in the ground, to prevent injuries. The fencing is easy to put up, so your public works crews can get to work quickly. The fencing can be used at any number of construction and public improvement sites, and the durable design means you can use the fencing over and over again for each of your city projects.

Local governments need to protect themselves against potential litigation that can come from residents injuring themselves on public property. Taking certain precautions, such as using orange safety fencing, can help to alert people to dangers. This can prevent accidents and injuries while keeping your citizens safe. Consider these and other ways to use construction fencing to improve your city or town. Visit local providers, such as http://rent-a-fence.com/, for more ideas.


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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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