Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Bag Lady Like A Boss: How To Keep Your Expensive Bags In Prime Investment Shape

by Kristina Burton

If you love your expensive purses, then you know that protecting them is the number one way to keep their market value. You know to be careful with your purse in public by not having food or drink nearby, cleaning off the leather often, and keeping any makeup or coloring agents away from your purses. At-home care is also important for making sure your bags keep their shape and keep clean. If you want to keep your expensive purse collection in its prime condition, here are some ways to do it. 

Invest in the dust bags

If you have a lot of apparel in one place, one of the external issues that you need to worry about is moths. Moths can get into your closet and eat away at anything that you may have stored. For your expensive purses, you should invest in dust bags for your purses. Dust bags can be bags that fold over or bags with a drawstring. Whenever you put your purses back into your closet, place them inside of their dust bag and properly secure the bag closed. If you are concerned about not knowing which style is which, take a photo of each bag and tape it to the dust bag or write the name of the product on a label and attach it to the bag. 

Get a custom closet built in

Keeping your apparel off of the floor and from being smashed together inside of a small closet is a good idea. Bags that get smashed can wrinkle the leather. If the bags are older, the leather can also become cracked, which will lead to a costly repair. Invest in custom closet with built-in shelving from a company like Contemporary Closets of Naples Inc that can fit your bags standing upright so that they won't knock each other over. Custom built-in shelving units can be placed in large, walk-in closets as well as small standard closet units. 

Use bag pillows

A bag that begins to slouch may never again be able to stand on its own again. If you want to decrease the possibility of your purses losing their shape, add a purse pillow to the interior of your bag. Select a purse pillow that is made of satin on the outside and foam or latex on the inside. Steer clear of cotton purse pillows as they may lose their shape due to cotton being more pliable and soft as time goes by. Every time you take off your purse, remove all of your belongings and add the purse pillow. This will keep the bag looking as beautiful as it does in the department store window. 


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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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