Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Things You Can Do To Dress Up Your Chain Link Fence This Spring

by Kristina Burton

Chain link fencing is desirable because it's practical. It's quick to install and easy to maintain. It also creates a protective barrier around properties of all kinds. However, some property owners struggle to integrate their chain link fence into their property's visual aesthetic. The following suggestions will help homeowners and business owners make their fence attractive this spring.

Grow Vining Flowers Through the Links

Many vining plants attach easily to chain link because the links are close together. To cover your chain link fence with a quickly growing vine sporting attractive flowers, consider planting morning glories, which grow at a rate of about 15 feet per growing season. They're annuals, which means that they'll die off when the growing season is finished, but they're also self-seeding, which means that they usually come back year after year without help. Simply planting morning glories around your fence once can ensure that your fence will be covered in morning glories for years to come.

Inserts Slats

Chain link slats are available for sale in home improvement centers and hardware stores. They're simple to use; just insert the slats into the space between the links. Slats afford your property privacy and security. You can install them in a solid color, or you can add texture and visual interest to your chain link by installing the slats in a colorful pattern.

Install a Chain Link Banner

Banners can also be used to cover chain link surrounding a construction site, to keep down the wind and prevent construction dust from blowing through the neighborhood. This is an excellent option for businesses hoping to turn their chain link fence into advertising space. Have a banner custom made for your needs through a local sign company, or purchase a pre-made banner from a chain link fencing store. Be sure to choose a banner in waterproof canvas or vinyl so it will withstand the weather in your area.

Attach a Bamboo Screen

A bamboo screen is an excellent option for homeowners hoping to add a sense of tropical fantasy to their backyard. Bamboo screens can cover the chain link completely on one side; however, the fence itself remains visible on the opposite side of the bamboo installation. Homeowners hoping to completely cover the chain link must acquire enough bamboo screen to cover both sides, which should be taken into consideration when making the purchase. If you're thinking about installing a bamboo screen around your chain link fence, consider placing tall tropical plants near the screen to enhance the style of the fence.

For more information or additional reading, talk with fencing contractors in your area.


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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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