Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

3 Luxury Improvements When It Comes Time To Replace The Windows In Your House

by Kristina Burton

If you're getting ready to replace the windows in your house, then you should take the time and consider some luxury improvements. You don't replace your windows that often, so take the opportunity to make any big changes now. Below are some luxury window ideas that you might want to consider. One is designed to save money on heating and cooling, the other two are designed to help limit sunlight from streaming in on sunny says when you want to keep it dark without drapes, and the final one is designed to keep nosy neighbors from looking in.

Triple Pane, Gas Filled Windows For Energy Conservation

If you're tired of spending lots of money during the summer on air conditioners, then consider upgrading to heavy duty, triple-paned windows. These windows are even more energy efficient than double pane windows. The extra pane further helps to keep the cool air inside. The windows are sealed and filled with argon gas. This adds even more insulation to the windows. Not only will they keep the cool air in during the summer, they will lock the heat in during the winter. This will save you on your heating bill.

Auto-Tinting Living Room Window Treatment

If you're got a gorgeous view from your living room, you might not like the idea of drapes or curtains. However, you need something during the really sunny days. Otherwise, your room will be super bright and you will end up squinting while you're on the sofa, Not to mention that the glare on your television screen might make it impossible to watch anything. Auto-tinging window film can be installed and solve the problem. They are applied in a thin film over the existing windows. These films can be controlled either by a WiFi device, or can be made with a chemical that reacts to heat. So, when it gets very hot, the tint darkens. While you can do this to older windows, it's best to have it done with a new installation because the film can be fit directly on the window glass and won't but up against the trim. That limits the risk of the film rising up and wrinkling.

Floor To Ceiling Windows In Your Bathroom With Smart Glass

If you want to open up the bathroom, then a large floor to ceiling window is a great way to do this. It creates an enormous amount of visual space. The only downside is that you might have neighbors in your sight-line. The easy solution here is to install smart glass. You might have seen this in hotels or conference rooms. These windows are made with glass that has a liquid crystal material inside the panes. When a switch is flicked, the glass immediately goes opaque. The great thing about this is that even when the glass is opaque, your room will still get lots of light; it just will also have the privacy you need.

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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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