Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

How Light Control Sensors Save Money And How To Get Them

by Kristina Burton

If you are the type of person who is constantly looking for ways to save money and save energy, then you might want to install light control sensors in your home. These light sensors have been available for exterior lights and commercial purposes for some time, but now you can have them installed in your house. Here are all the ways in which these light control sensors save money and energy.

Lights Do Not Need to Be Remembered

Kids are especially guilty of turning on a lot of lights in the house and then leaving them on when they leave those rooms. This can get very frustrating for you when you want to conserve energy and have to constantly run around the house turning lights off and yelling at the kids to turn the lights off. Instead, the light control sensors can turn on when anyone enters a room and turn off within a few seconds of detecting a lack of motion. You never need to remember to turn the lights off, and you never have to yell at the kids again about leaving the lights on.

Additionally, since the lights turn off when no motion is detected, that is a lot of money and energy saved. If you want to see how dimmer switches and motion control lights can save money, you can visit a product site for an energy savings calculator. The calculator is a fully interactive, real-time measurement of your savings when you install these lights.

Combining Energy-Saving LED Bulbs with Light Control Sensors 

To maximize your savings, use the new LED home bulbs with your light control switches. This reduces both the amount of electricity you are consuming and the heat created by the bulbs. Other bulbs burn so hot that your home may actually consume more energy in an attempt to keep your house cool (or at an even temperature). When used with the light motion sensors, it is akin to having no lights in use at all

How to Get Them

A residential electrician like Excel Electric Inc who specializes in the latest technology and knows how to install these light control sensor panels can help. He or she will have to switch all of your electricity off for the installation and remove all of the switches in the house. Some wires may need to be switched out to accommodate the unique electrical needs of these switches. Once the wiring is checked and updated, then the switches can be connected and screwed to the wall. Most of the face plates pop on and off, so that is the last step the electrician takes before your new energy-saving lights are ready to use and the electrician turns the power back on.


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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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