Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Incorporate These Designs When You Have Custom Cabinets Made

by Kristina Burton

Perhaps the best thing about ordering custom cabinets for your bedroom is that you can get them made exactly to your specifications. Instead of buying a build-at-home cabinet from your local big-box store and hoping that its design and storage capability will suit your needs, you can assess what you need to store in advance and share this information with your custom cabinet builder. Your builder will likely also present you with a list of options that you can consider having included in your custom design. Here are a handful of ideas that you won't regret implementing.

Shallow Drawers

Bedroom cabinets can take many shapes and sizes; in a walk-in closet, a custom cabinet unit can cover an entire wall, for example. While you might be focused on providing a suitable home for your outfits, you should also think about the smaller items that you wish to store. Having your cabinets include a few shallow drawers can be valuable in several ways. Just a few inches deep, these drawers can be the perfect place to house a watch collection, an assortment of jewelry, or a bunch of carefully folded neckties. When you slide open the drawer, your options will be neatly presented before you.

Built-In Lighting

Don't plan to have custom cabinets for your bedroom built without seriously thinking about built-in lighting. Even if your bedroom or walk-in closet are adequately lit, you won't likely regret having lighting included in the cabinet. Cabinet makers can include recessed lighting in their cabinets so the lights aren't in the way. You'll find that built-in lighting provides value when you're trying to differentiate between similar colors. For example, if you're looking for a charcoal or black suit among a couple of dark navy-blue suits, it can be a challenge to tell these colors apart in low-light conditions. With bright halogen bulbs illuminating the scene, you won't have this struggle.

Space for Display Items

Depending on how you plan to situate and use your custom cabinets in the bedroom, including some open spaces for items you wish to display can be desirable. In this scenario, your custom builder will leave some open shelves of varying sizes that suit your specifications. These areas will be perfect if you wish to place a large framed photo as a decor piece, for example, but they also work well for a stand that contains jewelry or a stand built to display a watch collection.

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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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