Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Constructing A Multi-Story Residence? Commercial Products You Will Need

by Kristina Burton

At different times in the world of construction, some things from residential construction cross over into commercial construction (and vice versa). Obviously, construction trucks and equipment are used on both kinds of property. Yet, they are not the only things to criss-cross projects. If you are building a multi-story, single-family residence, you will need the following commercial construction items.

Commercial Fencing

Anything taller than two stories and wider or longer than the lot on which the house is to be built will need commercial fencing. The fencing keeps looky-loos and passers-by away from the construction zone, which could be fatal if something falls from on high. Commercial fencing also doubles as security fencing so that none of your supplies are stolen while the project is ongoing.

Commercial Permits and Street Parking Permission

Obviously, with a residential project of this scale, many of the trucks and heavy duty equipment involved will need to park on the street. Be sure your contractor gets the correct commercial permits and street parking permits for everyone involved with the project, including you and any other adult drivers in the family. These permits all have their own fees, and are often purchased through the city's department of urban development and/or construction.

Rebar and Commercial Wall Reinforcement Products

Any building, whether it is a residence like yours, or a skyscraper, needs to be reinforced from the foundation up. The stress, pressure, and weight of building a home taller than three stories means that you will need products like rebar to reinforce and strengthen the concrete foundation. You will also need additional wall reinforcement products to counter weight and stress with each extra level you add to your manse.

Additionally, if you build this multi-story home on a cliff or near an earthquake-prone zone, you will need all of the commercial products used to steady large buildings. A structural engineer can help you determine what products and where to install them as you build upward. Make sure your contractor is present when this is discussed.

Additional Factors to Consider

If your immense home is going to be built of brick, stone, or stuccoed concrete, it, as well as the property, is going to need all of the commercial products above and more. Safety is going to be a very big factor. Safety harnesses will help. Stuccoed or bricked walls of the intended height will need commercial bracing and stackable, stable scaffolding to go higher and build taller. 


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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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