Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Skip The Batting Cages; Go For Soccer Cages Instead!

by Kristina Burton

So, you are thinking about putting batting cages in your sporting goods store? That is a good idea, but the hot sport right now is soccer. (Football is hot, too, but that is another article completely.) While you could put in batting cages, why not add one or two mini soccer pitches? These are small fields where kids and coaches can come into the store, practice moves in the off-season, get in shape for the soccer season, and do extra practice indoors during the season. Here is how you would build such a thing indoors.

Next Door to Your Indoor Batting Cages

Take out a batting cage or two. You will need at least a width of twenty feet for a "mini" pitch, and the length of your batting cage field should suffice. If you are not sure, measure the distances. Thirty-six to fifty feet long is a good-sized mini soccer pitch for an indoor arena. 

Install Faux Turf

Since your soccer pitch is indoors, you will need to install some faux turf. This is easy enough to get from carpet installers, or from construction contractors who specialize in mini soccer pitch construction and the building of sports fields/arenas. It helps to install a softer surface than your concrete floor underneath the faux turf, too, in case kids fall down. You can discuss that at length with the builder or carpet installation expert.

Paint the Faux Turf with Field Lines

To make the indoor mini soccer pitch look more like a soccer pitch, be sure to paint the lines on the faux turf. The end half-circles, the center circle, the border lines, and the line through the middle of the field should all be present when you are done. It will also make the field more inviting and engaging for soccer players and their coaches

Throw up Protection Walls

Outdoor soccer pitches have free-standing protection walls. Since your pitch is indoors next to batting cages, you do not really need the protection walls. However, the protection walls will help protect not only your cage walls, but also the kids that might slam into them. Be sure to put protection on the door into the soccer pitch too! (Yes, you will need a closeable door on the soccer pitch so that the ball does not go out-of-bounds during play and the game has to be stopped just to retrieve the ball!)

To learn more, talk to a company that offers soccer pitch construction -- such as URBAN SOCCER PARK.


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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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