Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

One Method Of Foundation Repair That May Fix Your Cracked And Sunken Slab

by Kristina Burton

Tiny cracks that form in concrete are often due to settling and they don't pose any danger to your home. However, large cracks, wide cracks, and jagged cracks are another matter, especially if they develop suddenly. Your foundation may suffer damage gradually due to slow sinking of the slab or the damage may happen all at once due to an earthquake. In either case, repairs should be done to stop the progression of damage. Here's a look at one type of foundation repair that might be suitable for your situation.

How A Sinking And Cracked Slab Can Be Repaired

A sunken area of concrete can be raised back in place by pumping a slurry underneath it. This involves drilling holes in the slab and then pumping the material into the soil. A mix of cement is often used, but the contractor could also use a type of foam that hardens once it's in the ground. As the material goes in, it can lift up the sunken portion of the slab until it is level with the undamaged area. When that part of the repair is complete, the cracks in the foundation can be filled in and sealed so water can't leak through.

The slurry that's pumped under the slab hardens in place and forms a barrier between the soil and concrete that acts as a strong support for the foundation so problems with sinking are eliminated. This type of foundation repair is fast and not too disruptive to your household, but it isn't always a suitable choice. You'll need to talk to a contractor to see if this method will work for you or if your home needs a different type of repairs. For instance, your foundation can be stabilized on piers instead.

Why It's Important To Fix The Cause Of The Damage

Before making foundation repairs, the contractor will probably try to determine what caused the damage so that can be addressed too when necessary. If the problem is tree roots, a tree might need to be removed. If the problem is poor drainage around your home, then installing a drain system or altering the slope of your yard could be necessary. Water is a common cause of foundation damage, and even something as simple as missing gutters or a leaking water pipe could result in trouble for your foundation. By repairing the foundation and addressing the cause of the damage, you can feel confident your foundation problems are over and your home is safe from further damage.

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Heavy Equipment Rentals-What You Should Know

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